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At our Freya Aesthetics & Beauty spa in Zanesville, Ohio, we believe true beauty radiates from within. Our Wellness + Signature Facial nourishes your skin and nurtures your inner essence, empowering you to embrace self-care as a transformative practice.


Release the world's weight as you surrender to the loving touch of our skilled estheticians and immerse yourself in an experience beyond mere pampering.

Visit our spa in Zanesville, Ohio, and discover a facial where your well-being takes center stage.

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Facial Treatment

Indulge in Radiant Serenity

Our Wellness Facial is an exquisite symphony of indulgence, tailored to pamper your senses and nurture your well-being. Each session begins with a personal consultation, ensuring that every aspect of your unique skin's needs is comprehensively addressed.

Image by Dominique Rivas

Zanesville, Ohio Spa | FACIALS

Unlock Your True Beauty: Unveil a Radiant Complexion with our Exclusive Wellness+ Facials

Welcome to our serene oasis in Zanesville, Ohio, where the perfect spa facial awaits you! 


We are thrilled to introduce our latest offering, the Wellness Facial, designed to elevate your skin and spirit to new heights. Step into a realm of pure bliss as our Board Certified Licensed Estheticians guide you on a transformative journey unlike any other.

Our commitment to excellence extends beyond traditional skincare practices. With our Wellness Facial, you gain access to an array of advanced exfoliation techniques, including sought-after add-ons like chemical peels and dermaplaning. 

Your well-being is further reflected in our selection of the finest luxury plant-based and medical-grade skincare options, ensuring that every treatment is carefully curated to leave you feeling truly radiant and revitalized.



 Wellness + Signature Facial

$130 | 90 Minutes

The absolute ultimate in self-care, this is not JUST a facial; it's an experience!

Let our Board Certified Licensed Esthetician take you and your skin to the next level with our Wellness + Signature Facial! This prized facial treats you to a lymphatic drainage facial massage to push toxins out of your skin and extended massage time! 

A consultation prior to treatment is included, as well as access to advanced exfoliation techniques, chemical peels, luxury plant-based skincare and medical-grade skincare options, extractions, a customized masque, high-frequency treatment, and aromatherapy. 

*This facial includes 20% off all retail products from the SPA ROOM!*

Image by Dominique Rivas
Image by Dominique Rivas

Wellness + Deluxe Facial

$100 | 75 Minutes

Let your mind calm down while your senses take over!


Let our Board Certified Licensed Esthetician treat you and your skin with this upgraded Wellness+ Deluxe Facial! Your facial includes extractions, a customized masque, high-frequency treatment, and aromatherapy. 


Your upgraded facials include a consultation before treatment, plus access to advanced exfoliation techniques, chemical peels, LED light therapy, and luxury plant-based skincare. 

Wellness + Facial

$75 | 60 Minutes

Let our Board Certified Licensed Esthetician treat you and your skin with our Wellness + Facial featuring luxury, plant-based skincare! This is the perfect quick pick-me-up for skin that is craving TLC. 


Your facial will include a detailed consultation before treatment, extractions, a customized masque, high-frequency treatment, and aromatherapy! 

Facial Treatment

Dermaplane & Glo Facial 

$100 | 60 Minutes

Dermaplaning is a remarkable beauty secret that will leave you in awe.


Imagine a treatment that gently sweeps away the layers of dull, lifeless skin, revealing a luminous, youthful complexion beneath.


This unique facial involves a skilled esthetician delicately gliding a specialized tool across your skin's surface, effortlessly whisking away vellus hair and those pesky dead skin cells that can dim your natural radiance.


Every Dermaplane & Glo Facial includes a skincare consultation, the use of luxury plant-based skincare lines, light extractions, a customized soothing mask, an ice globe massage, and a high-frequency treatment that will leave you glowing and gorgeous!


*This facial does not include our signature face, neck, and shoulder massage or lymphatic drainage.* 


Looking for the Next-Gen in Facials?

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